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 Our Purpose

caring for all

At Chick-fil-A Frankford Road, we strive to serve together to enrich the lives of others. One of the key aspects of achieving this mission is having the right person on our team. Keep reading below to see if we might be a great fit for you…

Success Mindset


Success at work starts with the right mindset 

As you think about where you want to work, it’s important to understand what is expected of you at your job, One of our primary expectations of our team members is that they possess the right mindset. Having team members with the right mindset enables us to pursue our mission together and we’re always looking for the next person to come join us in our journey.

Do you possess the right mindset?

Excellence vs Success

The excellent team member strives for excellence in all things. They don’t deem themselves successful just because they may be better than others, but they go after personal excellence to become the best version of themselves possible. Instead of giving just enough effort to make things alright, they strive and work until everything is ALL RIGHT

They show up for work a couple of minutes early, in perfect uniform, ready to serve. They use the proper language, like “how may I serve you?” & “My pleasure!” and they are always willing to go above and beyond anyone’s expectations. 

Investment vs Cost

The excellent team member understands that before a reward comes, an investment must be made. While these investments, such as time, energy, emotions, resources, etc. can be difficult at times, the sacrifice is worth it. 

The cost mindset only sees what is being spent, it is shortsighted and pessimistic. However, the investor knows that investing in others today will pay dividends for many days to come, worth more than they could ever imagine. 

Calling vs Work

The excellent team member believes that if they love what they do at work, they will never have to work another day in their lives. There is opportunity every moment of every day to have a positive influence on others and find joy in helping others get what they want. This is a calling worthy of embracing, one that will leave a legacy of care and love for others.

The work mindset isn’t able to see the potential for impacting others; it only views the tasks at work in their simplest, most meaningless forms. This view bogs the team member down and frustrates them as they miss what matters most in view of finishing tasks and laboring mindlessly. 

Leading vs Managing

The excellent team member is always looking for ways to innovate, improve and influence their fellow team members. They are able to look beyond today and think about what’s next for their own journey as well as the journey of the team. The leading mindset is never satisfied and is always striving to encourage others to achieve the vision together.

The managing mindset is happy settling for less than their best, as long as the job is done, status quo is maintained, life is good. This mindset will never accomplish more than what is right in front of them and will only do that as long as it doesn’t require challenging the process or motivating others.

Are we the right fit?

If you feel you possess the right mindset, you may be wondering what is our commitment to you…read below to find out what we promise to our team members, our family at Chick-fil-A Frankford Road.

Team Member Promise 


Our commitment to our family

You will work in a positive and safe place.
Part of our founder’s vision is for Chick-fil-A to have a positive influence on all with whom we come in contact…that include’s our team members. You will be treated with honor, dignity, and respect…we lead by serving.

You will become equipped to live a purposeful life and make a difference.
We are committed to helping each of our team members grow personally and professionally. We will strive to enhance your skills and character so that you can serve others in a positive way for years to come.

You will have the opportunity to influence others for good every day.
If you’re choosing to work with us, you take the call to serve others seriously. We want to provide you with as many opportunities as possible to do this daily through guest interactions and team work environments.

We will care for you personally.
You’ve probably heard it said, “leave your problems at the door”. We don’t like that mindset. Instead, we want you to let us know how we can serve you in all aspects of life that you feel comfortable sharing. That way, when you’re heading back out the door, your problems aren’t sitting there waiting to attack you again.

We will do everything in our power to help you reach your goals in life.
Your dream is our dream. To see this in greater detail, read about being a leader on our team.

We will challenge you, encourage you, and remind you whenever needed to help you and our team live on purpose. 
Accountability is helpful when exercised in the right manner. It’s our goal to always communicate clearly so that you know the expectations, equip you with the skills and resources needed to do the job, and celebrate with you when you accomplish your tasks.

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 Will you join us?

If what you’ve read so far has encouraged you to apply to join our team, you may do so at the link below. We look forward to hearing from you soon!